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Race and class don't make a whole person on the planes. A body's got to have a philosophy, a vision of the multiverse and what it all means. Sure, a fellow can get along without it, but how's he ever going to make sense of the whole thing and find his own "center of the multiverse"? How's he going to know his friends from his enemies in places where what he stands for can mean everything? A body's got to have a place to stand in order to see the majesty of the whole thing. On the streets of Sigil and beyond, philosophies are more than just ideas. They're groups - factions with leaders, goals, powers, and attitudes. Every faction has its own way of seeing the multiverse and has its own powers to match. Some of them get along, others don't, and some could care less about the rest of the multiverse.
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The map above displays symbols of all the different factions of Sigil. Click on a faction symbol to learn about that faction. From there, you can take a tour of a number of Sigil's factions or you can close the window and return to this page.