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The Civic Festhall
The Civic Festhall
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The Civic Festhall is a combination concert hall, opera house, museum, art gallery, tavern, wine shop, and faction headquarters, mixed in with a few other services that are best left undescribed. This mash of services makes sense, given that the place is run by the Sensates. Their desire to experience everything includes the arts, but also much, much more. There are tall tales to be told about what happens in the back halls of the Sensate headquarters.

With the Civic Festhall as an anchor, the district around it has attracted a number of artistic businesses. There's dealers in artistic curiosities from all the worlds of the multiverse. There are taverns noted for the bards that play there. Other businesses have the finest wines, the best food, or the best of many other comforts. Jongleurs wander down the streets, portable puppet theatres are set up at the intersections, fire eaters belch their talents from the alleys, and wizards craft beautiful illusions for the crowds.

Besides the constant stream of random curiosities that the Civic Festhall presents to Sigil, the Sensates also frequently hold artistic contests, athletic competitions, and free parties simply for the sake of their enjoyment by the general populace. Current Planescape: Torment contests, promotions and surveys provided by the Sensates can be found below.

Fansite Contest Winners Announced!

Woo-ha! just finished their judging of all the entries into our Planescape: Torment fansite contest! Thanks to everyone who participated. Check the winning sites out here.

Tormenting Woyzeck oder Worüber sprichts Du, Büchner?

"Woyzeck is the all-purpose servant of a German Captain. The Captain considers him amoral and stupid, largely because Woyzeck is poor. Woyzeck also makes money by allowing the Doctor to experiment on him. He has eaten nothing but peas in order to prove some unstated scientific premise."

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Georg Buchner's "Woyzeck", it's a really strange play that has unordered scenes -- that is to say that the scenes can be rearranged in any order to achieve different stories and dramatic effects. This is very wacky. It's so wacky that it's inspired me to make a new Torment contest. Here's how you do it:

1. Go to the Great Foundry.
2. Pick four to eight screenshots that you like.
3. Artistically arrange and narrate a story with the shots.

The wacky stories can take any form and may use Torment characters and/or the Planescape setting -- but they don't have to. You may add other images/text/etc. to the screenshots as long as they are still recognizable as Torment screenshots. You can put these gems on webpages, big graphics, Shockwave movies, or other stuff. Entries should be in English, with random smatterings of senseless foreign tongues (preferrably German). Send e-mail to Bishop Sawyer with an image, URL, etc. and a shipping location. Entries must be received by midnight, 17th of September (St. Hildegard Day). Entries will be judged on creativity, workmanship, use of foreign languages, and manifest evidence of mental instability. Please see Edward Gorey's "Das Epiplektische Fahrrad"/"The Epipleptic Bicycle" and many David Lynch films for inspiration.


  • 1st Place: A Torment poster with a favorite philosophical quote penned by Colin McComb, world-renowned* philosopher.
  • 2nd Place: 7 Pez dispensers
  • 3rd Place: An autographed picture of Sassy, the Unofficial Mascot of Black Isle Studios
  • 4th Place: A random drawing by and stolen from Tim Donley.

    * in this case, the "world" is defined as a solipsistic environment extending out from Colin McComb's perception, where he is the only true being and, by extension, the only person capable of holding something in renown.

  • Zany Survey Results

    Here are the much-anticipated results of the Zany Survey, started 82,161 years ago.

    Lady of Pain TV Cast Ambassadors Info-Graph Stormtroopers vs. Red Shirted Ensigns: one can't hit anything, the other can't do anything but die. Who wins?

  • Both die in an unholy conflagration = 61%
  • Stormtroopers = 31%
  • Red Shirts = 8%

    Thulsa Doom, Mola Ram, and Magneto vs. Conan, Indiana Jones, and Wolverine. Who wins?

  • Good = 45%
  • Both die in an unholy conflagration = 34%
  • Evil = 21%

    How many ninjas can you fit into a '71 Buick Skylark?

  • 1,000,000 = 30%
  • 72 = 21%
  • 255 = 18%
  • 10 = 18%
  • 77 = 13%

    If the Lady of Pain came to earth and was angry, what TV sitcom cast would you send to "greet" her?

  • The Simpsons = 29%
  • Full House = 25%
  • Friends = 15%
  • Baywatch = 14%
  • Charles in Charge = 9%
  • Murder, She Wrote = 8% (Editor's Note: all 8% of you will be punished in the afterlife for condeming Angela Lansbury to torment. In the words of my voice teacher from college, "How you could possibly dislike Angela Lansbury?")

    Be honest. If Britney Spears walked up to you and said, "Hi!", what spell would you cast?

  • Charm Person = 40%
  • Suggestion = 18%
  • Otto's Irresistable Dance = 11%
  • Age Creature = 9%
  • Abi-Dhalzim's Horrid Wilting - 6%
  • Expeditious Retreat - 4%
  • Symbol of Pain - 4%
  • Flame Blade - 3%
  • Burning Hands - 3%
  • Change Self - 2%

  • Cage Match Fiesta Survey Results

    About 876 years ago, we put up a survey for the upcoming Cage Match between BIS's Krys Card and the mysterious helper monkey named JoJo the Dancing Monkey Boy. Well, my friends -- the results are in. Here's what you decided the terms of the match would be.

    Shape of Cage Info-Graph Approximately how large should the cage be?

  • 20'x20' = 210
  • 50'x50' = 198
  • 10'x10' = 102
  • 300'x300' = 97
  • 100'x100' = 83

    What shape should the cage be?

  • Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Style = 344
  • Icosahedron = 130
  • Like the pit in that one Lenny Kravitz Video = 93
  • Circular = 70
  • Cube = 33
  • Cube DCube = 18

    From what movie should the outfits of the combatants come? (Krys' character's costume, followed by Jo Jo's)

  • Blade Runner (Pris, Roy Batty) = 110
  • Ghost In the Shell (Kusanagi, Big Robot) = 107
  • Alien (Ripley, Alien) = 74
  • Spartacus (Varinia, Crassus) = 69
  • Ninja Scroll (Kagero, Shijima) = 64
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark (Marion, Monkey in Vest) = 64
  • The Replacement Killers (Mira, Fat) = 44
  • Neo Genesis Evangelion (Rei, Shinji) = 33
  • Tron (blue, red) = 30
  • Fargo (Marge, crazy blonde Canadian guy) = 30
  • UHF (Stanley, George) = 27
  • Circle of Iron (Blind Guy, Monkey Guy) = 23
  • American Ninja (American Ninja, Black Star Ninja) = 12

    At what point should the fight end?

  • DEATH! = 301
  • When I get bored with the idea = 121
  • When Tim Donley jumps across the ceiling, as DJ Everlast commands = 118
  • Mate'! = 105
  • After five combat rounds = 38

    In AD&D 2nd Edition terms, approximately what level/hit dice should the characters be?

  • 7th-9th Level = 220
  • 13th-15th Level = 208
  • 10th-12th Level = 123
  • 4th-6th Level = 97
  • 1st-3rd Level = 37

  • Planescape: Torment Chat Trivia Contest Winners

    On Wednesday, the 26th of May, the Planescape: Torment development team held a little chatty chat on IRC. At the end of the chat session, Krys Card asked three BG-related trivia questions. Those who answered all of the questions correctly were eligible for prizes (granted in the order that the messages were received). Everyone who submitted an entry will be receiving nifty treats to thank you. Those who were extra-cool get special prizes, as listed below.

    Grand Prize Winners:
    SoundBlaster Live! System with a Creative Labs t-shirt (Donated by Creative Labs)

  • Ian Cheong (Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia)
  • Michael Williams (Kirkland, Washington)

    2nd Prize Winners:
    One Copy of Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast and a Black Isle Studios t-shirt

  • Darryl Farr (Stittsville, Ontario, Canada)
  • Nicholas Loper (Marion, IA)
  • Danny Michaud (Grand Falls, New Brunswick, Canada) 4) Chris Leung (Lafayette, California)

    3rd Prize Winners:
    TSR's Original AD&D Planescape Pencil & Paper Box Set and Planescape companion books (Donated by Wizards of the Coast)

  • Andy Chalk (Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada)
  • Skeeter Hartwig (Baroda, Michigan)

    Thanks to all of you who entered the contest. will be receiving something to thank you for participating. Congratulations to all our winners. See you all at the next chat scheduled for Wednesday, June 30 at 6pm.

  • Fiesta Torment Contest Winners!

    Many people submitted zany modifications of Planescape art. They were all pretty durn funny. These ones are the most humorous, as determined by me.

    1st Place

    2nd Place

    3rd Place

    4th Place

    5th Place

    6th Place

    The Winners:

  • 1st Place: Wacky Molydeus - Matt Talistu - Redwood City, California
  • 2nd Place: Latin Lover - Marie-Claude Samson - Mount Prospect, Illinois
  • 3rd Place: Balor Milk - Michael Williams - Kirkland, Washington
  • 4th Place: Darth Slaad - Erick Hoffmann - Waukesha, Wisconsin
  • 5th Place: Vargouille Glasses - Michael M. Aein - Bowie, Maryland
  • 6th Place: Teddy Balor - Richard Pelvin - Stirling, Australia

    The Prizes:

  • 1st Place - A copy of Tales of the Sword Coast.
  • 2nd Place - An AD&D Planescape boxed set.
  • 3rd Place - A Planescape: Torment movie-style poster. It's big and cool and has the Lady o' Pain on it.
  • 4th Place - A big Planescape: Torment coming-soon box. It's big and cool and has the Nameless One on it.
  • 5th Place - An 8"x10" picture of me, autographed, with the phrase "Nice try, chief." above the autograph.
  • 6th Place - A blown-up picture of the Black Isle team pointing at you and laughing, with the word "FAILURE" in huge block letters below.

  • Planescape: Torment Chat Log

    On Wednesday, May 26th, the Black Isle Studios Planescape:Torment development team held a chat session with about one hundred fans on Many nifty questions about the game were asked and answered and much tomfoolery occurred. You can see the record of the chat log here.

    Planescape: Torment Haiku Contest Winners

    Here are the winners of the Planescape: Torment Haiku Contest. Many, many people entered haikus with Planescape: Torment as their theme. These three were the serene-est.

    1st Place - Nick Loper from Marion, Iowa

    The Nameless One says
    "Who's your daddy?" as he clubs
    your gourd with axes

    2nd Place - James L Watson from Cranston, Rhode Island

    Stars fall from heaven
    Ripples intersecting time
    Rings of torment sound

    3rd Place - Ben Johnson from Minnetonka, Minnesota

    A spiked shoulder pad-
    Annah's AC must be bad
    With so little on.

    The Prizes:

  • 1st Place - A copy of Baldur's Gate Gold Edition (fancy!)
  • 2nd Place - A Black Isle Studios t-shirt
  • 3rd Place - A stick and a neat-looking rock that I found lying outside of Interplay.