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Dustman Bar
Dustman Bar
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The Dustman Bar is more of a faction hangout than a standard tavern. The rude cracked stone floors and strange furniture are enough to drive picky folks away - the skeleton and zombie waitstaff manage to scare off most of the rest. For those who don't mind the strange environment, the bar provides a clean, quiet place to relax, make a shady deal or two, and sit back to enjoy the decay.

Because the Dustman Bar serves a particularly brave clientel, adventurers occasionally drop by to pick up rumors, important news, and clues that might lead them to wealth and fame. Below, you can find the two main fora of discussion at the Dustman Bar: the Developer's Board and the Wigwag. Below that is a pointer to the local kip where cutters gather to talk about things face to face. Just so's you don't look like a clueless Prime, you might want to swing by the Glossary before you go banging around in either. Enjoy your stay...

Developer's Board
This message board is for the discussion of Planescape: Torment. Please post on topic.

Our goal is for our fellow gamers to use this board to help each other with solutions or answers you have found. This is to be done in a tasteful manner only. Flames and Spam are not tolerated here. Interplay will only be addressing some of the messages here.

The Wigwag
This message board is for the active role playing of Planescape characters. Please post in character and on topic (meaning, don't post as an elf from the Forgotten Realms). This board uses many terms from The Cant. A full glossary is available and it is highly recommended to read through it to familiarize yourself with the slang used here. Last but not least, enjoy yourselves... that's why this board is here.

Torment Chat
For a live chat session, please point your favorite IRC client to the official chat channel: Server: - Port: 6667 - Channel: #torment
Also, check out the Civic Festhall from time to time to learn about upcoming chat sessions with the development team of Planescape: Torment. See ya there!